Chess for families, Chess for Friends, Chess for FUN… Tarka has been called all of these…

Play Doubles, triples and even 4v4… Think Chess 2.0, but it is even more than this…

Tarka is a whole new board game and then some…

  • Battle Tarka - A Tournament series with just the first round having prize money of more than USD$500,000 up for grabs.
  • PlayTarka - An online Store with over 20 different specialty games set styles being released over the first 3 months of 2018.
  • Tarka Association - Our players association, 100% managed by ALL it's members using a liquid democratic system run on the blockchain.

When you pledge for a Tarka game set you will immediately be able to see for yourself just how good this game is. We will send you a link to a Print & Play set along with a great online tool to simplify and speed up the learning process. You’ll be up and playing within hours and an established player when you get your game set.


Opening 15th of January, 2018

A range of specialty Game Sets (including Disk, Ring, Figurine and Abstract), Phone Cases, Shirts, Hoodies, Towels, Bags, Hats, and More. ShopTarka carries a fantastic range of Tarka goodies and is the only Official seller of Tarka Game Sets.

* Special Offer *

Everyone who Pre-orders a game set will also get FREE access to our 'Tarka Made Easy' online course (bonus value of $19.95) and a simple to make 'Print & Play' set to get you learning immediately.

Quick Links


LearnTarka has a range of courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced players plus Q&A services and Workshops to help you to play better.

Go to LearnTarkaOur Online Education store


Our shop will carry more than just Game Sets. We have a range of clothing, hats, bags, and accessories. We even have mugs and towels for the deeply committed.

Go to ShopTarkaOur Merchandise store


Meet other players, discuss strategies, learn techniques, share ideas, plan gatherings. Our Community is a place that brings us all together.

Go to Our ForumCommunity Support


Do you have a technical question relating to how to use our site, the learning centre or the shop? This is the place to ask those questions.

Go to SupportKnowledgeable and More
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A cutting edge, unique and beautifully designed Cryptocurrency that generates coins through the simple act of playing Tarka and Chess. You will make TarkCoins playing the game and be able to spend them on the rest of your life.

About Our ICO Pre-Sale

Our Pre-Sale for the PTARK starts Jan 31 2018. €100 minimum contribution to participate at a price of €1 each and a scaling bonus of 3%-40%.

The Main Sale runs March 19-31 2018 with a 10 TarkCoin minimum contribution to participate at a price of €1 each.

Our Pre-Sale Target

Pre-Order the Romanov Set Today

This is your chance to be among the first get our Premium Marble Set!



Education at Your Fingertips

Video Courses

We are building a series of video courses that provide guidance, instruction and exercises starting with beginners and working up to advanced. Each is designed to follow on from the previous one in a logical and progressive manner.

Live Q&A’s

Our Live Q&A’s are designed to give you a chance to ask all your questions and get all the answers you need. We have found this to be the best way to fast track the learning experience for those players that really want to progress quickly.

Workshops – Coming

Workshops will be run in various locations around the world and will focus on assisting the participants to ready themselves for competition and to also train participants to become teachers of the games themselves.

We are running weekly live lessons with Dave, the inventor of Tarka. Use the button below to go to the LearnTarka Store and register for a lesson session, go to our courses or join a Q&A. 

LearnTarka Education CentreClick Here to go to our learning centre.

Other Items Available in the Shop