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33 Life Lessons I Learnt Playing Tarka

Playing Tarka teaches us Integrity, Strength of Mind, Opens Doors, and Overcomes Challenges. You will find a life lesson here that will apply to your life right now. It is a strategy mind game that teaches us real principles and values that we can pass on to our friends and family through playing Tarka.

  1. Every move Counts. No one can Play Backwards.
  2. Understand the Consequences prior to your Move and in your Life.
  3. Concentrate on the Position as it IS not what you want it to BE.
  4. You are not alone. Even Playing as an individual you are standing on the shoulders of Giants.
  5. Win or Lose it is up to you or your Team. Responsibility is on you.
  6. Equality of Opportunity not Equality of Outcome.
  7. The Truth is Hidden! It takes hard work to discover its secrets.
  8. Anger does not Win Games. Every move is a Gift and a Lesson.
  9. To the Back Rank we run – That is how we Play! Reach for the Win!
  10. There are no Pieces in your way on the Extra Mile!
  11. Tarka is the Game you hoped it to be. Now it is up to you to Rise to the occasion!
  12. Play Together as One.
  13. Great Teams have Great Coaches.
  14. Winning starts with Winning the Game.
  15. Take the High Ground. Control the Centre.
  16. Do not count on Hope. Count on Hard Work, Preparation, Focus and Planning.
  17. State your Plan simply and clearly. Restate your Plan as needed.
  18. Calculate the Threats, Checks and Captures. This also includes Tarka.
  19. A Game Plan wins the Day.
  20. Every move in Tarka and Life changes everything. Take advantage of the Weakness of their Last move.
  21. Losing a Piece does not mean you will lose the Game.
  22. Do not Fear.
  23. The Good moves to come results from your work on the move in front of you.
  24. Victory is earned by the one that makes the least mistakes and creates the most complications.
  25. Tarka is a Good Conversation.
  26. Take what is given, earn what is not.
  27. Always Forwards.
  28. Tarka is won in your Mind. It is also Lost there.
  29. Fight hard from beginning to end. Shake hands before the Game to show Respect for your Competitor and at the end to show Respect for the Winner.
  30. Work Hard: Strategy Prepares, Tactics Win.
  31. Work Hard: Manage your Time before it is Lost.
  32. Bring your Pieces Together into a Team. Keep your Pieces Working Together towards Common Goals. Exchange and Sacrifice your Pieces to achieve Victory. Win as a Team, Lose as a Team.
  33. Playing in a Tarka Team means listening and learning as much as recommending or making moves.
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