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5 Ways To Get Your Friends To Play Tarka with you!

This blog is about 5 clever ways to get your friends to play Tarka with you!

When you fall in love with Tarka and its benefits like a sharper, quicker mind. Of course you want your friends to join you and form a TEAM or DOUBLES TEAM. They might already be a Chess Player as a Child or a Regular Chess Club goer or maybe they like other strategy mind games. If your friends may be giving you the usual excuses. No Time. No Interest. No Way. I play something else. These excuses are the exact reasons your friends should give Tarka a 90 day trial. The only way for your friends to know is to play it for themselves!

Chess Games require Chess Players and Chess Boards. Don’t be shy about displaying your Tarka Board Proudly or taking it to the chess club! Don’t be shy about playing it in public if you have no one to play with! You will draw attention from future friends!

With these Easy Friend Hacks you will help your Friends give it a fair go and discover for themselves. Now these are sneaky so if you are not a sneaky person stop reading now!

  1. Ask your friend to Play Tarka for Hours and Hours. At least 3 or more hours!!!! When you ask them again another time for only 30 minutes or an hour they will be more inclined to give it a Go! I call this the Exaggerate Ask. Asking for more then you need gets you what you need.
  2. Use Videos and Tools to Teach TARKA the Fun Way. Don’t try to teach TARKA by yourself when you can use TOOLS to get the Job Done! If you have no access to TOOLS keep the Lesson to how Pieces move by making them Copy You moving them around an empty Board. Get them to use both Left and Right Hands to do this and have fun music in the background. Keep the pace fast and get them moving as fast as you. Competition to set up the pieces the fastest is also a great way to get the blood pumping.
  3. Sit next to them when you are asking them to Play! It is hard to say no to your friend when they are sitting close to you!!! Body Space is a very powerful influence over a decision!!! Assuming of course you are smiling nicely with high energy. Of course don’t time this or pre-plan this!!! That is a killer of the Friend Hack. Choose a Time that is normal natural and unstructured. Even if you have to wait a year do not control the timing. Natural is everything.
  4. Confidence: Do not say I believe this or I think that or I am sure. State no more then 5 Facts about Tarka and that is it. Be confident enough to remain quiet and listen. Stay calm and confidently state the Tarka facts.

“In TARKA…..”

  • A King can Checkmate a King!
  • The Tarka Board is 4 Times Bigger then a Chess Board!
  • Tarka has the same number of Pieces as Squares on a Chess Board!
  • Tarka Pieces can Promote while Chess Pieces cannot!
  • Tarka includes Doubles Play and Team Play!
  1. Get other Players involved. Most people are much more open to try something when the group does something.

“This is all done in Fun to get that stubborn friend to Give TARKA a GO!”

You might be wondering if your friends have used these to persuade you! This is not a bad thing because we all get feelings of procrastination and we all put off things that are good for us. Set regular times for your own Tarka play and stick to it enjoying the rich challenge and beauty of the game.

Play Tarka with your friends and family and let people discover it at their own pace. Develop your skills and your friends will want to beat you. Don’t go easy on your friends; friends are there to be challenged. Let your passions be the biggest invite for your friends to play with you. This article was written in a spirit of fun but its message is a serious topic about finding ways to communicate your passion effectively. No matter what it is!

How we communicate our passion is very important in this age of immediate communication. How does your passion rise above the static of this world and reach friends who are totally wrapped up in their lives? The most powerful way is to show how it has enriched your life and show them by your example and excitement.

“Communicate your passion to your friends!”

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