Chess reimagined x eSports platform

Build your team, train together, own your virtual stadium, secure sponsors, join competitions, broadcast events and earn Tarkcoin

What is Tarka?

Chess reimagined for team play, supported by an integrated eSports platform.

Build your team, train together, own your virtual stadium, secure sponsors, join competitions, broadcast events and earn Tarkcoin.

Tarka exercises your critical thinking skills, appeals to young and old, men and women and helps players improve communication and problem solving skills.

What is the problem with chess?

The world's largest game is solitary, hard to watch and incredibly difficult to earn a living from.

Chess players make little money

Chess is a solitary individual sport

For a player, organising chess tournaments can be hard

Chess is not a spectator sport

Chess is a male dominated game

eSports has many barriers to entry

An opportunity exists to reinvent chess, monetise it and bring it to the masses.

Tarka is a collaborative game

  • Tarka is a team sport, where team members can collaborate to make moves on the board
  • Tarka players communicate over strategy and tactics on the Tarka board
  • Tarka encourages critical thinking and group problem solving, leadership and working productively in team environments

Tarka is fun and interesting to watch

  • Unlike Chess, Tarka is fun to watch.
  • Will a team player make a mistake, go off in a different strategic direction or not?
  • With a larger board Tarka has multiple theatres of combat (centres of gravity) where battles can emerge

Tarka is gender inclusive

  • Tarka doesn’t come with the cultural biases of Chess, where more men play than women
  • There are no societal and cultural pressures that put women off the game

Tarka has its own crypto currency - Tarkcoin

  • Tarkcoin is a cryptocurrency used to price assets listed in the Tarka marketplace, to price sponsorship deals and facilitate financial transactions in Tarka owned and run servers.
  • Your Tarka wallet allows players to buy Tarkcoin, see their balance, and convert Tarkcoin back to the fait currency of their choosing.
  • Sponsorship deals, player signing deals, and tournament payouts are all facilitated by Tarka Smart Contracts.

Tarka provides many options for players to make money

  • With Tarka a player can make money through:
    • Prize monies from playing in tournaments
    • Simply playing Tarka (Tarka mining)
    • Inviting friends to the Tarka platform
    • Securing sponsorship dollars
    • Streaming your games hosted in your stadium (and also selling ticket to view games)
    • Being signed to a Tarka team
    • Coaching other Tarka players
    • How-to-manuals sold via the marketplace

Tarka is a distributed, integrated eSports platform

  • Tarka offers players an eSport platform that is decentralized and open for anyone to create and manage a team or club.
  • With the Tarka eSports platform review player stats and invite them to your team, visit the sponsor database and start a conversation to secure a sponsor, design team logos, piece and board skins, design your Tarka Stadium to host games and tournaments and stream games live via Facebook and YouTube, promote your Tarka events on the Tarka platform, sell your merchandise in the Tarka marketplace.

Total Addressable Market

Tarka intends to capture an audience of XXX estimated to be worth $YYY through the following addressable markets.

Chess Players


GOAL: Convert 1% of global chess market into Tarka players

600M+ players worldwide
Growing at XX% per year
Significant growth since launch of Queens Gambit (Netflix)


50m+ Users

GOAL: Convert 10% of Chess.com community into Tarka community

100,000 sign ups per day
65%+ of online chess players


USD $1.48B

GOAL: Create a parallel Strategy Esports market worth 10% of Esports market over 5 years ($0.7B)

CAGR of 24.4%
Estimated USD $6.8B by 2027
Already sponsoring chess players

The Competition

While competitors exist, none bring to life the unique mix of team play, broadcasts, cryptocurrency and Esport management that Tarka offers.

Auto Chess

Dota Auto Chess is a strategy video game mod for the video game Dota 2.

Developed by Drodo Studio and released in January 2019, the game features elements of chess and supports up to eight players. The game had over 8.5 million subscribers by May 2019, with more than 300,000 active players daily.

Auto Chess is lacking Crypto and a eSports Manager.

Team Play
No Cryptocurrency
No Esports Manager

Online Chess & Algorand

Algorand’s public ledger will be used to store game results as well as verify player ratings in a format that aims to provide activity free from fraud or manipulation.

Algorand’s blockchain platform to develop rewards and incentives for the chess community via internal currency and blockchain-based betting.

Online Chess with Algorand is lacking Team Play and an eSports Manager.

No Teamplay
No Esports Manager

Chess.com Evolution

Chess.com, a social network and chess server website freemium model (free to join and a membership to unlock features).

In February, 7.5 million people tuned in to PogChamps3, a weeklong event livestreamed on YouTube and  Twitch, according to figures provided by Chess.com, the event's organizer.

Chess.com is lacking team play, crypto and a eSports Manager. 

No Team Play
No Cryptocurrency
No Esports Manager

The Tarka Vision

Our vision is to transform chess into a truly accessible and team-based Esport


Year 1, is a 12 month allocation of time to build the first release of the Tarka platform, including Tarkcoin, Tarka Wallet, Tarka Marketplace and all Tarka Game play use cases.

  • Users signed via advertising: 0
  • Users signed via invitation of other users: 0
  • Total users signed: 0
  • Revenue premium subscriptions: $0
  • Revenue in-game purchases: $0
  • Total Revenue: $0


Year 2, starts with the release of the first Tranche of Tarka. During this time Tarka’s early adopters sign-up to the platform and start forming teams. Tarka competitions and tournaments are run by Tarka. During this time the second Tranche of Tarka is developed – Tarka Premium.

  • Users signed via advertising: X
  • Users signed via invitation of other users: Y
  • Total users signed: Z
  • Revenue premium subscriptions: $P
  • Revenue in-game purchases: $G
  • Total Revenue: $T


Year 3 starts with launch of Tarka Premium, players can now access all premium features of Tarka, including building stadiums and securing sponsors. Year 4 see the launch of the Tarka ICO/IDO.

  • Users signed via advertising: X
  • Users signed via invitation of other users: Y
  • Total users signed: Z
  • Revenue premium subscriptions: $P
  • Revenue in-game purchases: $G
  • Total Revenue: $T

The Tarka Vision

Our vision is to transform chess into a truly accessible and team-based Esport

Build the Platform

Build the Platform

Capture Market Share

Massively gamify experience to drive adoption

Massively gamify experience to drive adoption

Grow team base and establish global leagues

Grow Rapidly through Network Effects

Grow Rapidly through Network Effects

Leverage Freemium Model to Monetise

Build out Cryptocurrency to Accelerate Growth and Adoption

Drive staking and sponsorship

The Tarka Team

Dave Mills

Co-Founder & Head of Product

- Product Vision

- Gaming Engine

- Online Education

The inventor and mastermind of Tarka. Dave has conceptualised Tarka and built out the complex business rules and gamin "engine" behind Tarka over 30 years. Dave is in charge of the product roadmap for Tarka.


Co-Founder & Head of Growth

- Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Vision

- Investor Relations

- Growth Modelling

Serial entrepreneur, Magnus has grown and sold many business ventures including an online dating platform. Magnus is somewhat of a blockchain and cryptocurrency aficionado and will leverage his experience and networks to ensure the growth of Tarka through these means.

Stephen Pozzebon

Chief Technology Officer

- Technology Team

- Online Gaming Platform

- Blockchain Engineering

Serial technology leader, Stephen has headed up major digital teams across Flight Centre, Thiess, CUA, Allianz and Youi. Stephen's has decades of experience in establishing robust technology teams and executing complex digital transformation projects for major brands. Stephen will be responsible for the technical implementation of the Tarka gaming platform.

Ben Stokes

Head of Digital

- Digital Experience Strategy

- Experience Design

- Agency Liaison

Founder of several digital agencies, Ben has lead over 500 digital projects in a 20 year period for many major brands. Ben heads up partner digital agency, Evolut, and will be responsible for ensuring that Tarka's digital experience is at the cutting edge to help rapidly scale adoption and growth.

Use Of Funds

Based on the financial model, Tarka is estimated to become cash flow positive by XXXX. During this time funding is required, as see in the following breakdown.
Marketing requirements
  • Marketing requirement 1
  • Marketing requirement 2

  • Requirements
  • Requirements

Outsourced Development
  • Requirements
  • Requirtements


Utilities & Sundries


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