Team Leaders


Eric Roberts

Co-Founder & CEO, Tarka Group

A driven creator and business manager with a sound understanding in multifaceted marketing and a deep passion for PlayTarka. Eric has owned and managed companies in many industries over the years. From Youngheart Productions, (the company that created the film Ferngully) to Arts Village (an international award winning tourism development in Fiji) where he took over an abandoned business and grew it  into a profitable multi million dollar  business in 2.5 years.

He has built several businesses from the ground up and aims for PlayTarka to be the shinning jewel in an already accomplished career. He has assembled an exceptional team around this project and is providing them with the guidance and inspiration needed for Tarka to be a huge success.


Vero Ershova

Co-Founder & Creative Director

Veronika started her working career as a financial adviser and investment manager, she met with huge success in the field and regularly provided her clients with returns in excess of 150% per annum, but she craved for something more, a creative outlet to satisfy the artist within.

One day she quit as a financial adviser and became a photographer/videographer (she shoots all our still and video). She then travelled the world with 2 children in tow and created stunning imagery for an ever growing client list. When she saw Tarka, not only did she see the beauty of the game, but also the chance to for herself to marry the artist and business women within and become a huge asset for us. She is now a key member of our team and deeply committed to the success of Tarka.


Magnus RW

Co-Founder & CEO, Battle Tarka

Magnus is our magnet and our torch. A visionary who is always on the lookout for opportunities for us. A Globe trotting father of 3 with a penchant for the finer things in life and a tireless capacity to question everyone and everything, he strives for nothing less than perfection in all we do. If anyone is going to ask why, it will be Magnus first and foremost.

While he guides he also makes sure that everyone is true to their inner purpose and also true to their inner child and having fun. For Magnus, tarka is a personality with it’s own life and breath.

For Magnus, Tarka is a culmination of all of us and then something else… Something more!

He is passionate about our success and gives his all to drive Tarka forward on the right foot.

Department Heads


Jeff Wensel

Marketing Director

Is a digital and social media genius with the extraordinary accomplishment of being the Worlds #1 campaign creator in Kickstarter. Over 450 Successful campaigns funded.


Josh Roberts


Having worked for years in personal development and with some of the greats, Josh is passionate about communication and helping people expand. He loves to see people grow.


Paul Lewon

Gaming Strategist

Game development expert & social media specialist, accomplished project manager, and award-winning game designer and community builder under the pen name Paul Czege.


Olga Nik

Product developer (Merchandise)

Olga is another business women who is an artist at heart. She is putting together all the ‘other’ products to support our players with beautiful lifestyle wearables and accessories.


Dima Kat

Production Manager (Asia)

Dima is a man with an uncanny ability to get things done… Things that other people give up on. He is the production manager equivalent of an ace investigator. If he worked for Interpol, there would be no unsolved international crimes.


Alex K Love

Video Producer

His timing is impeccable, his ability to capture the essence of PlayTarka in video is uncanny. His love for the game is visible in all of his work. (This is true for the whole team).

Content, QC & Engineering


Dave Mills

Creator/ Teacher

The Creator of Tarka, a prolific writer and inspiring teacher. Dave is a committed creative… And a man who is passionate about his creation, completely dedicated and driven to see it being played worldwide.


Vita, Vivi and Eddie

QC Team

Our kids test the product samples and design concepts, they are ruthless when it comes to quality control, especially the little one, who puts the samples through rigorous stress testing.


Timm Schneider


Timm works diligently to perfect our mass production designs and coordinates all elements of their development. He is detail oriented and meticulous in his approach to his work.

ICO Managers


Andrey Fazlyev


An entrepreneur, a marketer, and a blockchain enthusiast. He made his first million at an advertising agency at the age of 18 by selling a large mobile banner campaign.


Alex Smirnov


Author of 8 scientific papers and founder of Cryptoinvest fund and Phenom company, where he leads research and development of ICO platform and blockchain solutions.


Alex Politayko


Entrepreneur, Blockchain enthusiast. CO-Founder of Crypto Invest & RTM Media. Extensive experience in branding & Marketing Strategy. Owns one of the biggest cryptocurrency farms.