What Is the Tarka Ecosystem?

A game, A Cryptocurrency, a Battle Ground, an Association…

A way of Life!

Tarka – More than Just a Game

A strategy game… Think Chess 2.0. We want to change the way people play games…  Chess players cross over easily and Tarka brings new insights into the chess games

TarkCoins – A New Currency

A highly unique Cryptocurrency system that is generated through the simple act of playing Tarka.  TarkCoins you can spend on the rest of your life.


Battle Tarka – A Spectator Sport…

Battle Tarka games are nothing like todays chess tournaments. At the highest level they are spectacles, winning strategies are not restricted to the board & how you play the pieces.

Tarka Assoc – You Write the Rules

The Tarka Association will be 100% governed, using liquid democracy, by ALL its members. Using the same blockchain systems that will be managing the TarkCoins.

How Does It Roll Out?

Stage One

  • 01 – Print-n-Play

    A Print and Play Launch where you can gain low cost access to our Tarka Made Easy beginners course and pick up our 3D printable starter set to get up and playing ahead of the pack.

    This campaign will last for only 2 weeks and will be the only print and play offs we will ever make.

    We are doing this for our early adopters.  

  • 02 – Kickstarter Campaign

    Early in the new year we will fire up our Kickstarter campaign where you can get one of our first production sets or a specialty game set at big discounts and help us get started with our production. 

  • 03 – Initial Coin Offering

    Next step will be our ICO. We will raise the funds we need to build out the cryptocurrency network, the exchange and the banking integration to allow you to use the Tarkcoins for any of your daily purchases.

    This is a big and important step in creating the sharing economy for our players and the systems to help them manage the way the tournament games are structured and managed.

    PlayTarka will be a true liquid democracy for it’s members.

Stage Two

  • 01 – Technology roll out

    Over 6 months starting in the middle of April 2018, we will be releasing aspects of the technology as we create each one. The first people to benefit will be our founding players.

  • 02 – “TarkCoin Enabled” Play

    We expect this to happen within 6 months of the ICO.

  • 03 – Tarkcoin enabled game sets.

    At the same time we release the Tarkcoins we will make available the first Tarkcoin Enabled game sets allowing players to connect to the network and start playing games that earn them the first TarkaCoins, real exchangeable Cryptocurrency.

  • 04 – TarkCoin Visa Card Release

    This next step will enable players to use their tarkCoins to buy anything online or offline that you can now buy with a Visa card. Allowing you to use the earnings of your game play in your everyday life with ease.