Tarka Is An Evolution... We Promise

The board is four times the size of a chess board, there are 64 pieces in tarka, 32 pieces on each side made up of 11 piece types.

New rules, game play and new pieces make TARKA a whole new entity built on the foundations of chess

TARKA includes the common pieces of chess, the king, the queen, the knight, the bishop, the rook and the noble pawn. Almost every piece has dramatic differences in mobility, rules, limits and promotions. It also has more piece types, the full compliment of pieces are the:

  • King x 1
  • Queen x 1
  • Prince x 1
  • Princess x 1
  • Gargoyles x 2
  • Bishops x 2
  • Knights x 4
  • Archers x 2
  • Squires x 4
  • Pawns x 12


Game Set Formats

Tarka also comes in different formats and sizes. 

There are 3 sizes of the board:

  • Mini - 376mm square
  • Standard - 556mm square
  • Team - 740mm square

We also have different types of pieces ranging from:

  • Figurines
  • Abstract
  • Disk
  • Ring



Who Invented Tarka

Dave Mills invented Tarka in 1990. Over 20 years of preparation and planning went into it's release.

Tarka's development required a great deal of refinement, development and knowledge to be applied to it.

When developing a game that is an evolution of  chess. (The one game that the worlds smartest people play, the game that has been the most played game in the world for 1400 years and that 600 million people actively play on a weekly basis...)

Well, you need to make sure you have got it right, otherwise you are in for a very tough time. This is why we spent 20 year refining the game and testing it on players around the world.

Why Play Tarka?

Firstly, because it is fun and it stretches you, Chess players start playing tarka out of curiosity, but then they notice that it changes the way they see Chess and start to use it as an exceptional training aid to accelerate their Chess skills.  

We are social beings and Tarka comes into its own when played with more than just two people. 

When you play Doubles with Chess, it is not comfortable sharing the board with a partner. With Tarka, it is comfortable to play with teams and partners because of its size, scope and the synergistic qualities of it's game play.

Another great feature of Tarka is it's 3 distinct types of matches:

  • Singles,
  • Doubles and
  • Teams (3v3 and 4v4). Each has it's own characteristics.

Just the Beginning of Tarka

The release of Tarka is happening now... The evolution of Chess and this evolution is Tarka. Now it is going out to the world and we hope it will become the Chess worlds new darling.

We, the people bringing it to the world, believe that most of you will do what we did when we first came across Tarka... Discover it, fall in love with it... and Play it.

A Lasting Impression

Tarka is a game that leaves a lasting impression on everyone that sees it.  It as has that “WOW” factor that every game strives for.

It's a game that draws in a crowd and keeps them watching, in this it is a major step forward from Chess, see this article by the BBC (10 Reasons why chess may never make it as a spectator sport). Tarka Tournaments will be spectacles.

Tarka will shine through as the elegant and exquisite game it is. Its elegance hides its incredible complexity. It is finally ready for the world to see it for the first time. It has the strategy of Chess combined with a new elegance and almost endless levels complexity.

All levels of players can play and enjoy Tarka.